Ideas for bathrooms in a new house

When you’re building a new home, it’s the perfect opportunity to design everything to meet your style and preferences, as well as ensuring optimal functionality. When it comes to the best ideas for bathrooms in a new house, there a few key things to consider including fixtures, storage, flooring, lighting, design style, and layout.

Bathroom design

There are so many different styles to consider when designing your bathroom. It can be hard to choose, but here we’ll offer some timeless bathroom design ideas that you can choose from now and not want to remodel again in a few years.

Traditional bathroom

The traditional bathroom offers classical elegance. It avoids using bright colors and generally sticks with white tile and classic marble to create a clean, serene foundation for the bathroom. Pair this with a neutral paint to keep things light and fresh, such as paper white, clean white, parchment, ash gray, sea foam green or a soft taupe.

Choose simple mirrors, perhaps with a hint of metallic gold, silver or bronze to give a richer look to the room. Either go for chrome, oil rubbed bronze or nickel hardware, and a chandelier is always a great choice for the traditional bathroom. You can add your own flair by decorating with soft blues, greens, yellows or pinks when choosing towels, add glass canisters or containers to your countertops, and by including a wooden element (cabinet or vanity) you’ll add more warmth to the room.

Elements of a spa-inspired bathroom

The key to a spa-inspired bathroom is creating a refuge of serenity and tranquility. This type of design is becoming more and more popular with the hectic lives most of us lead these days. To get a spa-like bathroom there are a few elements to keep in mind when designing the space. You’ll want to use a mixture of natural materials. Include woods, such as cedar, redwood, oak, teak, and bamboo, and stones like granite, travertine, and slate, or concrete for a more modern feel.

Hardware within the bathroom spa is extremely important. Think rainfall showerheads, body sprays, 90-degree faucets and touch-free faucets. If space permits a whirlpool tub to soak in will complete the spa inspired bathroom.

Finally, when accessorizing, you’ll need to add plants, candles and spa stones. Remember, keep things as simple and clutter free as possible to create a good energy flow for total relaxation.

Bathroom storage solutions

Regardless of the style of bathroom you’re going for, storage is one of the most important elements of any functional bathroom. There are a number of storage solution options available, including vanities, cabinets, shelves, wicker baskets, and linen closets.

You can even get creative with custom-made storage solutions, such as a full-length mirror that opens up into a space for bath supplies. Make an inventory of your usual bathroom products. Then think about where you’d like everything to be for convenience and to keep it clutter-free.

Bathroom lighting ideas

Lighting is a critical part of any room and shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to your bathroom design. The best way to ensure you can create the right atmosphere is to incorporate separate layers of task, accent and ambient lighting.

Task lighting is important so that you can see clearly while you’re looking in the mirror and doing things like applying makeup, shaving your face, brushing your teeth, and winking at yourself. This lighting works best when it’s placed on the wall either right above or at the sides of the mirror.

Accent lighting highlights any unique art, plants or other items you’ve used to decorate your bathroom. While ambient lighting is pretty much a fancier word for general lighting. It provides the overall illumination for a room. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you may need a combination of one to three of these options.

Other decorating ideas

Some of our other favorite decorating ideas for a bathroom include a(n):

  • Upholstered bench: If your bathroom is big enough this can add comfort and luxury.
  • Wooden towel rack: Display your fine linen and ensure that towels are within reaching distance of the bathtub.
  • Bath-side table: There’s nothing more convenient than a small table to place a glass of water (or wine), candles, fresh flower and other spa essentials.

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