What to Do After You Buy a New Home?

Buying a custom home is an exciting experience, especially once you have passed the tedium of endless showings and inspections and you have finally regained feeling in your dominant hand after signing a mountain of paperwork. Now that Moving Day is on the horizon, your days are full of planning and visualizing all of the different ways to help make this new build house your home. But before you get lost in the midst of finalizing furniture layouts and arranging wall décor, our custom home experts in Rochester recommend that you take a look at these 3 essential services after buying your new home.

 Set up utilities

While this may seem like a no-brainer, some people just assume that the utilities will work as soon as they walk through the door. But you actually do need to call and set up services with the utility companies before you take possession of a new build house. If you wait until after you move in, you may be sitting around waiting for an appointment with the electric company when you could be putting the finishing touches on your living room décor. Before you get stuck with no gas or electricity, call your local utility companies and solidify your desired start date. If you live in an area where there are several companies to choose from, call for quotes to find the best deal.

When setting up your garbage/gas/electric services, you might also want to schedule your Internet/Wi-Fi and Cable TV installations. Appointments can be several weeks from your initial phone call, which is a serious bummer if you have nothing to watch on your brand-new home theater system.

Activate alarm service

There is nothing more important than protecting the people and things you love most, which is why activating the alarm service in your new custom home is a high priority. Take your time going through the owner’s manual to learn how everything works and to properly set all of the security codes. Contact the security company to activate the service and discuss any questions you have or changes you would like to make. There is a wide variety of options and security features out there, so make sure that your home security system meets your specifications.

Hire lawn service

When buying a new home, there are so many things to worry about that your landscaping may fall by the wayside. A lawn service can bring out the best in your yard by pinpointing any major concerns that need addressing, helping you with landscape design ideas, and providing you with helpful services and advice. If you wish, professional lawn services can also take care of mowing, trimming, seeding, weeding, and raking to help keep your yard lush and green all season long. Lawns and landscaping are two home features that will always need maintenance and care. With busy family or work schedules hiring a professional lawn service can eliminate this stress and make sure the exterior of your home keeps looking as nice as the day you moved in!

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